Ideation, Stephen Hart

Ideation‘s genesis arises from Stephen Hart’sĀ enduring preoccupation with random newspaper images, a daily dietary input to the mentalities of so many modern humans.

Ideation – the process of creating and communicating new ideas – is a fit title for this work.

My practice, whether at home or abroad, has included the collaging and archiving of chosen (random) images on readily transportable A4 sheets – a travelling collation of sorts.

At the conclusion of two exacting years in which I carved 20 polychrome figures for the exhibition : Fellow Humans, which comprised recognisable figures of family, friends and colleagues, I turned playfully, to my expansive collage collection, as the material for, I knew not what.

Gradually those assorted images of global dimension, began to inhabit what was shaping up to be a human head. Ideation painstakingly emerged from the fusion of multitudinous images such as shape the world view of so many humans in our time.