Watercolours, Stephen Hart

For Stephen Hart, drawing in whatever form it takes is inseparable from the process of making.

Any line projected in space is a representation from the mind that imagined it. As such it offers endless opportunities for invention and expression.

My fixation on depictions of the figure conveyed daily in newsprint grows with the unfolding human drama. We see ourselves transformed in the 24-hour news cycle of a day. My drawings in pencil and water-colour have become a way for me to filter this life affecting information.

I free my figures from their context, reconstructing them in the papers void, using my own primitive version of trigonometry to may their essential co-ordinates. The process is time consuming, but that time spent allows me to think a great deal about what I am seeing. In my mind this ever growing cast of subjects share equal status.

These drawings are generally made on a scale so small that you have to look very closely to see the life within. As I learnt in childhood, a thing doesn’t have to be big to concentrate the mind.